Time Lapse in Seoul, South Korea

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It was like a mid-summer night’s dream. Now I’ll disappear, like the dream you dreamed last night. Goodbye.

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I’m that kind of person who starts to regret the moment after I angrily turn away and leave.

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Whether we live 80 years or 100 years, there’s no person that would say life is long enough. Everyone says it feels as short as taking a nap.

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Capitol Couture Issue One: Chroma Nouveau

The colors of Spring herald a time in the Capitol when fashion blooms anew.  Join us as we reveal a victorious celebration of Capitol life and culture- we present to you Chroma Nouveau.   

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Introducing Custom Wooden Case
Detail dan kualitas adalah 2 hal yang membuat @merrygorounds merilis produk casing kayu. Terlepas dari kontroversi casing kayu lebih berat dari casing biasa, banyak kelebihan yang bisa kita dapatkan saat memakainya. Selain shock absorbent, casing kayu mampu melindungi gadget dari benturan dengan lebih sempurna. Kayu yang digunakan adalah kayu asli, bukan bambu. Di mana dari segi kualitas, bambu lebih mudah pecah jika kena benturan.
Persistent perfection. Detil sebanding dengan harga

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I want to be with someone who, 10 years from now, makes my heart jump when I hear her key in the door.

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